Integrative Therapy

To integrate means to 'combine'.  Integrative therapy is when several individual models of counselling and psychotherapy are used together to create one cohesive model.

Integrative counselling is humanistic in orientation and is aimed at creating a multi-dimensional model that takes all of these elements into account in one combined theory.  Integrative Therapy views the person as a whole and take into account the uniqueness of each individual.

In basic terms, the ethos behind integrative therapy is:

  • Each individual is unique and whole
  • Views the relationship between client and counsellor as 'reparative' and this is what helps to heal the client
  • Sees that there are many counselling orientations and philosophies and all have their benefits.  In life there are many conflicts and there can be many answers to one question.  Learning to manage those conflicts side by side - e.g. like yin and yang is really beneficial for the client
  • Based on the counsellors philosophy of life and tailors the therapy to the client and not the client to the therapy