Group Therapy

Group therapy is when a group of individuals rather than one individual meet together on a regular basis to work together to  support and help affect change for each other.  There will be a qualified group therapist there and you and the group can work together on issues that each person brings.  Through exploring together, problems become lessened and feelings more manageable which can change life for you and for the people around you.  

Group therapy is more commonly used now than it used to be and in comparison to one to one counselling, it is relatively inexpensive.  However that should not be the main reason for choosing it.  Research has shown group therapy to be very effective as the group work collaboratively and therefore gain a number of different perspectives on issues.

Feedback to and from others can be a catalyst for change.  We may start to see where we fit or have tried to fit into groups as the 'norm' and this can help us to change and become more comfortable with ourselves.

Group therapy can help in ways that individual therapy can't, the group members will be able to see they are not alone, there are others with similar issues and individuals that find it difficult to deal with their thoughts and feelings too.

Group therapy is supportive, safe and respectful of others.  The therapist should put in place boundaries, discuss confidentiality and facilitates the group process in a non-judgmental way, enabling members to deal safely with their feelings and any issues raised during the sessions.