Adoption is when a child for whatever reason cannot be brought up by the birth family and is ‘adopted’ into another family permanently.

There are many reasons why children are adopted and for this reason the issues raised by adoption can be extensive. You may feel rejected and unimportant and want to find out why you were adopted or you may be very grateful to have been given the opportunity to grow up in a loving adoptive family but would like to meet your birth parent. No two stories are the same.

Sometimes for the birth parent, they would like the opportunity to meet their birth child after many years.

If you wish to enter counselling about your adoption or any issues relating to an adoption, your counsellor or psychotherapist must be qualified to work with adoption. This is a legal requirement.

For more information on adoption, please visit Barnardos or Adoption UK.

For more information on your Adoption Records visit  Accessing Your Birth Records.

For more information on the Adoption Contact Register visit The Adoption Contact Register.

To look into tracing a birth relative or if you are related to someone who was adopted prior to 30 December 2005, you can use an ‘Intermediary Agency’.